Happy Customer from the Isle of Lewis

Cleveland Motorhomes featured in the October 2010 edition of MMM, when an appreciative customer, Mr. Norman M. Macleod from the Isle of Lewis, wrote to the magazine in praise of the service received at our dealership. 

The problem arose, when Mr Macleod’s Swift Kon-Tiki 645 (which is built on a Fiat unit) was booked into his local garage for an oil filter change, only to discover the engine sump and water pipe were severely corroded. Given the mileage was only 6,000 and the vehicle less than two years old. Mr. Macleod decided to contact his nearest Fiat dealer who agreed they’d had similar problems with the Fiat sumps, but they also made it clear the engine sump costs were not covered under the warranty, which would leave Mr. Macleod to cover the costs himself.

Having spent a great deal of money purchasing the vehicle from new, Mr. Macleod decided to contact Cleveland Motorhomes. We explained to Mr. Macleod that we’d be happy to carry out the work and even cover the costs. Mr. Macleod described Cleveland Motorhomes as a “quality dealer who really value and care for their customers”.

Thank you Mr. Macleod


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